When popular British music was everywhere in Europe and all bands tried to mimic band such as The Beatles. People wanted to experiment on a new way to produce music. In Germany, Two guys, Florian and Ralf decided to create a original signature to the everyday rock in those days. Although some of their first released albums were common instruments, they started to implement synthesizers and a small electronic drum machine on their compositions, Also they start to modify the instruments sounds in studio to achieve an unique sound.


With the release of Autobahn, Kraftwerk start to implement on new electronic sounds to their tracks and they start to be known outside Germany. With the money they earned with the disc, they created their own studio. After the success of Autobahn they launched  a more structural and organized album called Radioactivity. Although Radioactivity sigles was a hit on France, I didn’t sound well on America and UK. Therefore this demonstrated the selective fans that they had  in that time.


In 1977 they released Trans-Europe Express, a more sophisticated album with more electronic and popular beats, I personally like this album because it really shows Krafwerk as a professional band. A more rhythmic and melodic sounds were present on this album. In the other hand, although reviews were positive, this album didn’t get well accepted by the public.


Kraftwerk started to be heard by others artist to the point to be the foundation of other successful electronic composers. And finally in 1978  Florian and Ralf released The Man-machine, a more “open-world” style of sound that became popular in UK. This album was more popular containing linear lyrics with music structures than others album they recorded, This led to loose some fans that have gained in other albums simply because it wasn’t a underground music no more.


As a listener I can see how a band can be so important on electronic music and how an underground music can become the new popular music. Kraftwerk really lived a transformation during its career. But this also led others Artists and composers grab some of their essence to elaborate of what we know now of Elcetronic Music.


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