Daft Punk

A couple of young men influenced by the popular rock music create one of the most successful house music in France. These guys represent  the house movement in France by the beginnings of 90’s. With well known songs such as around the world and one more time.

Darlin’ was the name of their first guitar based band that Thomas and Guy-Manuel in collaboration with Laurent Bracobitz created in 1992, they were hardly influenced by the pop Rock music, specially the beach boys in which they covered some music. After Laurent left the band. Thomas and Manuel started to experiment with synths and drums machines giving form of what we now as Daft Punk.

In 1995 daft punk recorded Da Funk, which gained a excellent acceptance to the public and were a commercial success. With that being said they included the single on their 1997 album called Homework in which I personally think is one of the best albums they released. Not only because the famous and well known around the world single, but because with this album they really start to build their own scene and to gain reputation in Europe and America.

Later in 2001 they launched Discovery, an album that combines old schools sounds from 70′ and 80’s. With electronic and sythns sounds. One more time is one of my favorites songs of that album. That song was as must play on parties and in radio. Its unique sounds of synths and beats gave a good acceptation and gained even more fans than before,

Daft punk was characterize by the way of perform in love with excellent lighting shows and costumes that gave The duet their characteristic. They started to wear costumes on every public event. After a successful tour they released an live album of their tour. In 2005 they released human after all in which they launch an extra album remixed.

In 2008 they collaborate of the composition of the movie Tron and also with DJ hero adding some of their favorites songs in the game. During this year, they launched Random Access Memories The most recent album that they released so far. Giorgio Moroder and Pharrel Williams are some of their collaborators of this successful album that contains sound of 70’s and 80’s era with futuristic electronic beats. Undoubtedly one of my favorites album of Daft Punk.

Every song you hear of daft punk makes you stand up and dance. Daft Punk’s compositions are Hits everywhere.


One thought on “Daft Punk

  1. evansilviafullsail

    Hello Juan

    I am very glad you chose Daft Punk because it gave me a chance to study Giorgio Moroder who as you know was on their newest album! Daft Punk is probably my favorite band ever and you hit on some great history about them. I didn’t know about Darlin’ or Laurent Bracobitz. Another thing I like too is One more Time which is very cool and it’s a very unique song because it feels like it could be a Michael Jackson song with how popular and danceable it is. Also I didn’t know they were influenced by the Beach Boys in their original band and it’s funny the connections that everyone has especially Giorgio Moroder to all the same people like David Bowie and he worked with Brian Eno who was influenced by the Beach Boys. Its all a big circle and now with Daft Punks newest album I think the circle has started all over again.



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