The Wailers – Catch A Fire

Catch a Fire, The first album that The wailers released with Island Studios. It is the fifth album of the band and one of the most Iconic songs from the legendary artist Bob Marley. With these album, The wailers gained recognition worldwide to the point, along with “Legend”,  to be the top Reggae Albums ever released never before.

Back in 1971 Bob Marley and The wailers Toured with Nash in UK but a soon as the tour finalized and Nash returned back to US, The band  had no more support and became in crisis to the point that they didn’t have money to go back to Jamaica. They couldn’t even perform because they weren’t allowed.  The Band didn’t let to fall their hopes so they figured out a way to be contacted by Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records.

At the beginning it was difficult for Chris to mix and produce a new genre that was emerging somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. He found a totally different style to play the instruments to create a totally Up-tempo rhythm. All the recording process was done in Kingston, Jamaica. This definitely brought to Chris the fresh made sounds directly from Jamaica  into their Fancy and Luxurious sounds processors and mix consoles. These created a mix of British and Jamaica feeling that Chris polished and blended together.

What  I like the most of this album is its cover art.  The album sleeve was suppose to be a Zippo lighter that when you open it you will find the record. Although this album art was later changed when the band started to be called as Bob Marley and The Wailers, The Vinyl Zippo version has become a Collection album reaching the US $300.00 to get it nowadays.

After the Success of this album, The wailers went out to tour around UK and United States, gaining popularity around the world. These album really opened The Wailers to the outside world so they could transmit all their emotions and messages to the people. Undoubtedly one of the best Reggae Albums of all time.


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