Marvin Gaye – What’s going on




Marvin Gaye, One of the most popular artist from Motown Records  and named the prince of Motown, released his eleventh named Whats going on, A totally different album compared on what he was doing before. Due of histories of his brother and friends about Vietnam war and with the police brutality and social-economic problems that the country was suffering, He decided to compose an album telling that injustice that he perceived. The Album emphasizes the point of view of a Vietnam War soldier returning home and watching nothing but injustice.


Not only their lyrics are impressive and catchy but is their sounds and feelings that each composition transmit to people. The soundtracks has everything from jazz to Gospel and soul rhythms shaping of what we now today as R&B’s . Even though Motown was a little conservative with the album, What’s going on was a success. This definitely helped Motown to gain recognition nationally.


The Funk Brothers helped on the instrumentation of the songs which I think it gave Marvin’s album the best ingredient for their songs. Wonderful soloes and riffs and hooks rhythms are found during this album, That mixed with the lyrics, created big expectations.  After the expected release, the album became the best selling album of 1972 for Gaye and even for Motown records, with their singles ranking top on Billboard charts.


After the Original LP released in 1972, different versions of the album has been released during the time, including a Deluxe Edition released in 2001 wich included Marvin’s live concert in Washington and some Mono 45rpm mixes of the singles. A remaster album was released later on in 2002 and in 2011 a Super Deluxe Edition was released, in which included additional soundtracks. Gaining again Their popularity from1972.


Undoubtedly one of Marvin’s best albums that represent the history of the music in the united States.


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