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Peer Coment week 4



Hello Evan,

Thanks for leave me a comment on my blog post. Giorgio undoubtedly is one of the most important producers of disco dance music. its tunes and sounds are still being playing in all nightclubs around the world. I din’t now too much about this person before this class, but watching documentaries and reading articles I know how this guy plays a really good role in regards of music history. Finally, I definitely will watch the documental that you mention to learn more about this guy.




Marvin Gaye – What’s going on




Marvin Gaye, One of the most popular artist from Motown Records  and named the prince of Motown, released his eleventh named Whats going on, A totally different album compared on what he was doing before. Due of histories of his brother and friends about Vietnam war and with the police brutality and social-economic problems that the country was suffering, He decided to compose an album telling that injustice that he perceived. The Album emphasizes the point of view of a Vietnam War soldier returning home and watching nothing but injustice.


Not only their lyrics are impressive and catchy but is their sounds and feelings that each composition transmit to people. The soundtracks has everything from jazz to Gospel and soul rhythms shaping of what we now today as R&B’s . Even though Motown was a little conservative with the album, What’s going on was a success. This definitely helped Motown to gain recognition nationally.


The Funk Brothers helped on the instrumentation of the songs which I think it gave Marvin’s album the best ingredient for their songs. Wonderful soloes and riffs and hooks rhythms are found during this album, That mixed with the lyrics, created big expectations.  After the expected release, the album became the best selling album of 1972 for Gaye and even for Motown records, with their singles ranking top on Billboard charts.


After the Original LP released in 1972, different versions of the album has been released during the time, including a Deluxe Edition released in 2001 wich included Marvin’s live concert in Washington and some Mono 45rpm mixes of the singles. A remaster album was released later on in 2002 and in 2011 a Super Deluxe Edition was released, in which included additional soundtracks. Gaining again Their popularity from1972.


Undoubtedly one of Marvin’s best albums that represent the history of the music in the united States.

The Wailers – Catch A Fire

Catch a Fire, The first album that The wailers released with Island Studios. It is the fifth album of the band and one of the most Iconic songs from the legendary artist Bob Marley. With these album, The wailers gained recognition worldwide to the point, along with “Legend”,  to be the top Reggae Albums ever released never before.

Back in 1971 Bob Marley and The wailers Toured with Nash in UK but a soon as the tour finalized and Nash returned back to US, The band  had no more support and became in crisis to the point that they didn’t have money to go back to Jamaica. They couldn’t even perform because they weren’t allowed.  The Band didn’t let to fall their hopes so they figured out a way to be contacted by Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records.

At the beginning it was difficult for Chris to mix and produce a new genre that was emerging somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. He found a totally different style to play the instruments to create a totally Up-tempo rhythm. All the recording process was done in Kingston, Jamaica. This definitely brought to Chris the fresh made sounds directly from Jamaica  into their Fancy and Luxurious sounds processors and mix consoles. These created a mix of British and Jamaica feeling that Chris polished and blended together.

What  I like the most of this album is its cover art.  The album sleeve was suppose to be a Zippo lighter that when you open it you will find the record. Although this album art was later changed when the band started to be called as Bob Marley and The Wailers, The Vinyl Zippo version has become a Collection album reaching the US $300.00 to get it nowadays.

After the Success of this album, The wailers went out to tour around UK and United States, gaining popularity around the world. These album really opened The Wailers to the outside world so they could transmit all their emotions and messages to the people. Undoubtedly one of the best Reggae Albums of all time.

Peer Comment Week 3



about: Kraftwerk


I agree with you that even if you don’t know this artist, as soon as you start listening to their work, one start to understand how this group really plays a role in the electronic foundation. It is hard to compared Kraftwerk with other artist simply because this group is the bridge between clandestine and underground music to the popular music back in the time. It is impressive how the most iconic artist’s compositions are influenced by them. Finally I agree with you that Trans-Europe is one of the most influential albums by them, not only because their tracks but because it was the time that Kraftwerk decided to be more professional on their performs and because they now didn’t acted as a improvised group but a sophisticated and experienced one.

Juan E Segovia

Daft Punk

A couple of young men influenced by the popular rock music create one of the most successful house music in France. These guys represent  the house movement in France by the beginnings of 90’s. With well known songs such as around the world and one more time.

Darlin’ was the name of their first guitar based band that Thomas and Guy-Manuel in collaboration with Laurent Bracobitz created in 1992, they were hardly influenced by the pop Rock music, specially the beach boys in which they covered some music. After Laurent left the band. Thomas and Manuel started to experiment with synths and drums machines giving form of what we now as Daft Punk.

In 1995 daft punk recorded Da Funk, which gained a excellent acceptance to the public and were a commercial success. With that being said they included the single on their 1997 album called Homework in which I personally think is one of the best albums they released. Not only because the famous and well known around the world single, but because with this album they really start to build their own scene and to gain reputation in Europe and America.

Later in 2001 they launched Discovery, an album that combines old schools sounds from 70′ and 80’s. With electronic and sythns sounds. One more time is one of my favorites songs of that album. That song was as must play on parties and in radio. Its unique sounds of synths and beats gave a good acceptation and gained even more fans than before,

Daft punk was characterize by the way of perform in love with excellent lighting shows and costumes that gave The duet their characteristic. They started to wear costumes on every public event. After a successful tour they released an live album of their tour. In 2005 they released human after all in which they launch an extra album remixed.

In 2008 they collaborate of the composition of the movie Tron and also with DJ hero adding some of their favorites songs in the game. During this year, they launched Random Access Memories The most recent album that they released so far. Giorgio Moroder and Pharrel Williams are some of their collaborators of this successful album that contains sound of 70’s and 80’s era with futuristic electronic beats. Undoubtedly one of my favorites album of Daft Punk.

Every song you hear of daft punk makes you stand up and dance. Daft Punk’s compositions are Hits everywhere.



When popular British music was everywhere in Europe and all bands tried to mimic band such as The Beatles. People wanted to experiment on a new way to produce music. In Germany, Two guys, Florian and Ralf decided to create a original signature to the everyday rock in those days. Although some of their first released albums were common instruments, they started to implement synthesizers and a small electronic drum machine on their compositions, Also they start to modify the instruments sounds in studio to achieve an unique sound.


With the release of Autobahn, Kraftwerk start to implement on new electronic sounds to their tracks and they start to be known outside Germany. With the money they earned with the disc, they created their own studio. After the success of Autobahn they launched  a more structural and organized album called Radioactivity. Although Radioactivity sigles was a hit on France, I didn’t sound well on America and UK. Therefore this demonstrated the selective fans that they had  in that time.


In 1977 they released Trans-Europe Express, a more sophisticated album with more electronic and popular beats, I personally like this album because it really shows Krafwerk as a professional band. A more rhythmic and melodic sounds were present on this album. In the other hand, although reviews were positive, this album didn’t get well accepted by the public.


Kraftwerk started to be heard by others artist to the point to be the foundation of other successful electronic composers. And finally in 1978  Florian and Ralf released The Man-machine, a more “open-world” style of sound that became popular in UK. This album was more popular containing linear lyrics with music structures than others album they recorded, This led to loose some fans that have gained in other albums simply because it wasn’t a underground music no more.


As a listener I can see how a band can be so important on electronic music and how an underground music can become the new popular music. Kraftwerk really lived a transformation during its career. But this also led others Artists and composers grab some of their essence to elaborate of what we know now of Elcetronic Music.