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I like your post, It contains so much descriptions and facts that i din’t even noticed when I was reading about them. you really focus on how they developed their new sounds and how they get into the new psychedelic music. Revolver is a really good album and i like that you enjoyed listen to it.

sincerely, Juan Segovia

Brian Eno

Brian Eno is a professionally known composer, musician and record producer. One of his first musical influences came from joining the band “Roxy Music”, Brian started off playing a synthesizer in the 1970’s. After touring for a while with high success, Brian got tired of the touring life and dropped out of the band. After words Brian began to experiment and became the pioneer of ambient music and has become a influential producer.


When you compare an album like Music For Films vs. and album like Another Green world they are completely different. In another green world Brian features a lot of synthesizers and electric guitars accompanied by percussion and rhythm. In music for films he completely turns it around with only ambient sounds without any tempo or rhythm. Since Brian basically created ambient music, he created unique production styles and techniques that are used by other artist and producers following that style of music. One unique characteristic was his introduction of chance music to audiences. He also has produced over 7 U2 albums and other big name artist such as Coldplay, Paul Simon, James Blake and more. Another unique characteristic is what he used when he released the album “Pussyfooting”, he used a tape-delay method on his songs and called it “Frippertronics”. The way this was done was two Revox tape recorders right next to each other, the tape would unspool from one deck to the next deck to be spooled. This made sound on one deck able to be played back by the other deck at a time delay depending on the distance between the 2 decks.


When you think about it, Brian Eno is a musical genius. He has created a genre of sound that has been carried on into movies, albums, and so on. Today we don’t appreciate all the technology we have because we can manipulate sound with all these plug-ins and digital effects. He found away to manipulate analog sound and make his own creation. In current day, Brian Eno is working on producing a new song called “digital lion” for James Blake’s upcoming album “Over grown”.

The Beatles: Revolver

The Beatles, a young and highly acclaimed English band that played in popular stablisment during his beginnings is considered by many the best rock bands of all time. The group consisted of four teenagers that gain popularity because his loved songs that create a pop culture arouWith the help nd the world.


The Beatles were tired of play a routine of songs every night at different locations. But was on those locations where meet Brian Epstein who introduced them to the music industry.  The popular Band grew faster than anybody expected, releasing at least one album per year with new songs and increasing in numbers their fans.  Was on 1966 that The Beatles released Revolver, for me one of the best albums that they released so far.


With relationships like Phil Selector and Bob Dylan, The beatles gained new experiences and experimented with new and distinctive ideas. They started to implement Indian and more electric sounds to their compositions  and with the help of some drugs they rewrote the history of music. A mix of world is what I would called this album because on every song you hear you listen to new sophisticated sound effects and instrumentals that you actually don’t hear on any regular rock song. Although most of their songs were no longer than 3 minutes, their compositions were full and big.  With the help of George Martin they shape their Ideas and create a unique form of sound of what we catalogue today as psychedelic rock music. For them any time at the studio was a experimental laboratory in which they play until it sounded right for them. What it gives a really respect for them is the Indian music implementation to some songs that with McCartney’s sound loops and  with the Lennon’s processed vocals gave him their distinctive sound.  On “Everything Was Right: The Beatles’ Revolver” they highlight how they record some bass speaker sound out of another speaker (as they do it to the drums today) and how they reversed some cymbals to obtain and acid and psycho effect to their masterpieces. Definitely an album that you must have at home.

The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys was formed in 1961 by the Wilson’s Brothers, It became popular to the youth people with their surf and cars related lyrics that they composed back in the days, and with their particular way to sing with vocal harmonies. But was on the mid 60’s when Brian Wilson, due to stressful tour flights, and a high demand of new songs decided to stop touring for a while. He then decided to focus entirely on composing and recording new songs bringing The Beach Boys a fresh and a new style.

During his time recording and composing, Brian wanted to give their band something out of the ordinary. Tired of surf and cars related lyrics, Brian start to remember his childhood’s love and passions and translated into melodies and rhythms that in conjunction with lyricist Tony Asher created a new feeling. Although Brian’s first thought was to launch his compositions as a solo artist, he later understood the role and importance of The beach Boys in his songs. The band itself implemented new characteristics and vibes that became the stamp of his new album. Pet Sounds became one of the most iconic albums of North America’s music history that represented the new psychedelic rock era of the mid 60’s. Brian Implemented non-instrumentals sounds to his compositions. On one of his videos he tell us how he implemented bicycle bells in some of his songs. He also added new ways of harmonize the voice. This distinctive way to mix new instruments, new harmonies and sound effects  definitely broke the relation of everyday songs, setting him apart from the rest.

In my opinion Pet sounds by The Beach Boys transmits a feeling of love and happiness and really express Brian emotions and experiences. With talented musicians that in collaboration created sticky rhythms and hooks that made people wanted to play over and over their songs.